Lemar lighting


Lemar Lighting

is a professional lighting company established in Amman-Jordan in 2013, offering a wide range of LED Lighting products selected carefully according to the international standards and specifications. Our products include Indoor and Outdoor Luminaires ; bulbs, directional lights, flood lights, street lights, strip lights…etc. Our company supplies factories, offices, hospitals, gardens, street lights and homes with all their needs of LED lighting.

Lemar Lighting became a renowned, rapidly growing brand after gaining our customers’ trust and our ability to supply local markets inside Jordan, from North to South, with our extraordinary and seamless services. With our professional staff, advanced management system, high quality products, competitive prices, after sale services, and our professional marketing team, Lemar Lighting aims to be a pioneering company in the field of lighting in Jordan and the Middle East region , as well as to expand to new markets and to provide the local market with the latest technologies.

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